More lies from Judges when it comes to Landlord/Tenant Laws

Posted on July 29, 2009


On July 1, 2009 I went to court to get my Security Deposit Money back from my ex-landlord.  I gave the Security Deposit Money back in 2004 and additional $200.00 more in June of 2006 because of an apartment change.  I moved out in October of 2007 and now it July 29, 2009 four weeks after we went to court and still have not heard a thing after being promised by Judge Shelly Kravitz that I would have an answer within one week. 

I got tired of waiting so I called her office on Monday and left a message for a return call which never happened.  Then I called on Tuesday and talked to her secretary and she told me that she would look for my case and call me on Tuesday afternoon and that didnot happen either.

If we did that to her she would have us put in jail.  She should be put in jail.