The Laws for Landlord/Tenant Laws cannot be enforced by Tenants

Posted on November 13, 2009


The landlord/Tenants Laws Chapter 83 con only be enforced by tenants but the if the tenant takes the landlord ot court the judges rules against the tenants.  This procedure has got to stop.  If a person steals from a store the police will help arrest the person stealing from that store but if a landlord steals from the tenant, the tenant must enforce the laws by putting up thousands of dollars to get the laws enforced and then the judges rules against the tenant.

If you have read the Florida Statute Chapter 509.013 it clearly states that the word Division means  1)  “Division” means the Division of Hotels and Restaurants of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and Florida Statute 509.031 clearly states that the Division must inspect each and every apartment building each and every year mandatory.  These types of buildings are not inspected as required by law and the people that are in charge of this gets away without getting punished for not doing their job.  In the meantime, the people that depend on them doing their job are screwed and have to live with buts, rats, backup sewer lines, ceilings falling down and many more code violations.  It takes four or five months to get an inspection, if you get one at all, and by that time the landlord will evict you because you called and reported him/her.  Florida Statute Chapter 83.64 clearly states that if you file a complaint to the landlord or any government agency you cannot be evicted is a law that a tenant cannot enforce because the judges are for the landlords and will not enforce this statute for the tenant.

Call your representative and tell them that you want changes in the Florida Laws when it comes to Landlord/Tenant Laws.  Tell them that you want:

  • The law to enforce the Landlord Tenant Laws Chapter 83 and not the tenant.
  • Tell them that you want the laws written so everyone can read and interpret the laws.
  • Tell them that you to be protected against bad landlords.