Number 9th Complaint of 2009 should be Number 1 of 2009

Posted on January 3, 2010


The Number 9th highest complaint filed with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in 2009 was Landlord/tenant disputes. The landlord/Tenant issues continue to be in the top ten, this year with 1,523 complaints and yet the politicians refuse to do anything about bad landlords. 

I have been filing complaints with every government official in office for over two years now and they refuse to do anything at all.  One of them, my City of Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez of District 3 was defeated as he ran for Mayor of the City of Miami because he did not listen to the people, me being one of them that fought to get him out of office. 

This year I will be working on getting out of office Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Florida Senator George LeMieux (Just in case he decides to run), Attorney General Bill McCollum, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, City of Miami City Manager Pedro Hernandez, District 107 Louis Garcia, District 36 Representative Alex Diaz De La Portilla, and more.  Every one of these people does not represent anyone except themselves and their political careers.  They all talk a good talk but when it comes to action it is at a standstill.

The main problem with the Landlord/Tenant Issues being number nine in complaints is that most people do not know where to file and usually by the time the tenant has a problem it is too late for the tenant and they do not file a complaint.  Even when you file a complaint with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services they do not have the power to do anything to help the tenants so most people will give up at that point.  The fact that the people that do file are helping to get the word across to the politicians that something needs to be done about bad landlords but there are not enough tenants filing complaints.  According to the list of politicians or their representatives that I am going to try to get removed from office has told me the Landlord/Tenant Issues are one of the most complaints that they receive, so why have they done nothing to improve the quality of life for the tenants?

If you have a problem with a landlord please report it to all of your representatives and to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Sure it will take time and most likely nothing can be done unless you take your case to court and that is not a sure thing even when the law is supposedly be on your side.  If you decide to go to court make sure you have an attorney or you will lose.  I know by experience.  The reports will eventually build up until they take notice.  Call your representatives and tell them they need to do something so bad landlords can be eliminated.  The more complaints that are given to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the better for everyone.

The laws for most complaints are there for the tenant but have to be enforced by the tenant by taking the landlord to court and that costs money and plenty of that.  This needs to be changed.  The police, City, County, and State all have laws on Landlord/Tenant Issues but they do not work to enforce them and that needs to be stopped.  All of the elected officials that I have named to be removed from office have known about the Landlord/Tenant problems and expects the tenant to solve them and that is not their job, but the job of the State, County, and City officials and not the Tenant.

I am positive that if the tenants knew where and if they would take the time to file complaints about bad landlords that  the Number 9th complaint of 2009 would have been Number One complaint of 2009 instead of “Unwanted Phone Sales Calls”.