2 1/2 Years Later Still Nothing Done

Posted on February 15, 2010


Wire hanging across walkway of building located at 253 NE 34th Street that past Code Enforcement Inspection.

Just Past Code Enforcement Inspection

I have sent out e-mails, made appointments, called, and after 2 1/2 years later the City, County and State have not done anything about bad Code Enforcement.  They keep telling me that the apartment buildings owned by the 215 Building Corp. have past all Code Inspections when in fact that not one building could ever pass a legal inspections.

Wires are hanging down across an entrance way for the past 2 1/2 years, the holes in the side of the buildings are to be screened, and the washer and dryer outside the building, according to City Code, is to be in an enclosed room.  What is the 215 Building Corp. doing to get these special so-called legal inspections?

Failed Inspections

More Failed Inspection by Code Enforcement

Now there are more failed, but signed off inspections, to the same building located at 253 NE 34th Street in Miami, where holes on the side of the building known as opening to crawl spaces are to be screened in and are not and have been this way for years.  What or why have this building and others been getting away without legal inspection?  Every building owned by the 215 Building Corp. has holes on the sides of the builds, rotten wood, bad windows, bad doors, electrical problems  and they keep passing Code Inspections, why?

Every building own by the 215 Building Corp. needs to emptied from people living there and stripped down to the frame and have all electrical, plumbing, and structural checked for rotten wood, illegal wiring, and illegal plumbing because the 215 Building Corp. has been doing work without Building Permits over the past nine years and there have not been an legal inspection since before 2002.

The inspections that were given, and keep in mind that none were given in 2006, that none were legal inspection.

The Florida Statutes Chapter 83, Chapter 509.032 guarantees the tenants of Florida that these inspections will be created each and every year.  I have been to Commissioner Bruno Barreiro, Commissioner Joe Sanchez and Mayor Manny Diaz.  Mayor Manny Diaz sent over to my house his assistance Roger Hernstadt which agreed with me that all departments were not doing their job, but he was fired a week later.