Bill McCollum Flat Out Lied

Posted on March 7, 2010


In an article written by Mary Ellen Klas and Steve Bousquet called “Leading Candidates for Florida governor cautious on issues”  in the Miami Herald, Bill McCollum stated;

“By and large, I’m leaving it to the Legislature,” McCollum said of the budget hole. “I obviously have views — people ask me, for example, about public safety, and I certainly believe as attorney general the first priority of a state is public safety. . . . I do kind of nudge in that direction, but I’m not getting into the weeds of every budget detail.”

Bill McCollum says his first priority is the public safety is a flat out lie.  I have contacted his office many times about the way apartment housing is being regulated and the neglect of the inspectors and the enforcement of the Landlord/Tenant Laws and he has done absolutely nothing. 

Landlords put tenants’ lives in danger each and every day and the local governments and state government does not do a thing to protect the tenants here in Florida from bad landlords.  Bill McCollum should be ashamed of himself to even think that he cares for the public safety of the people of Florida with all of the complaints that I have given him and Charlie Crist.

I have time and time again given the State of Florida Officials letters asking them to look into the corruption in Florida with absolutely no results.  I have told them that I have the proof that they need to move forward and they refuse to do so.  This lack of interest and the lack of enforcement on their part have and still are putting many people lives at uncomfortable and dangerous living conditions.

What Bill McCollum and Charlie Crist has been doing or should I say not been doing their job.  Anyway, they should resign as public officials and not even run for public office.  I also have contacted Charlie Crist’s replacement for Senator Mel Martinez, Senator George LeMieux and he or his office have not gotten a response after his office has promised me at least six times to contact me.  The Republican Party should flat out resign period.  They have destroyed this country and are still trying to destroy it even at lower level of government such as state and county.