Keeping Reciepts

Posted on July 6, 2010


 I just talked to another person that is having trouble with her landlord about deposit money and a leaking roof.  She had moved from one place to another owned by the same people but then the some other company bought out original company or owner.

  The main problem that she is going to have is that she paid cash and did not get a receipt for the at the time when she signed the contract.  If the money is not written down on the contract, then she is out her Security Deposit Money.  I cannot express enough to get a receipt when paying Security Deposit Money.  You never, ever go without getting a receipt under any circumstances and even if they tell you they will bring you the receipt tomorrow.  You tell them then you will get the money tomorrow.

 Paying by check, money order, or even getting it written down on the contract is OK, but always get a written receipt so you will have something to take to court if necessary.  Landlords like to keep tenants Security Deposit Money because it is so expensive and hard for the tenant to get back.  They know that most tenants will give up on the process.

 Florida Statute Chapter 83.49 will help you understand the legal process but will not help you with the thousands of dollars that you will have to put up to get your money back.  Most likely you will not win in court if you do not have a lawyer because Judges are lawyers and like to see attorneys get paid so they rule for the person that has an attorney.  That is what happened to me when I went to court without an attorney. 

 Without receipts you will not be able to get your money back at all period.  Make sure you keep all papers including your contract from your landlord.  If you think that you will have a problem with your landlord with your Security Deposit Money, then start taking notes longs before you ever have to go to court.  If you are having problems with the landlord fixing thing around the apartment then make sure you have written lots of notes and date them.  Ask one time only and if it does not get done then start writing because they can evict you if you do not follow the law and hire an lawyer to be able to stay in a comfortable and safe environment.