Making Change

Posted on August 8, 2010


Making change is not easy when it comes to government employees or elected officials.  When the chance comes along and you can make a difference, then you need to step in and really pay attention to the people that are running for government offices such as the Florida Governor’s Race.  There are four main candidates running right now, Bud Chiles, Alex Sink, Bill McCollum and Rick Scott.

I called Bud Chiles and he called me back.  I have met Alex Sink twice and she acted just like a politician and she did not come across as a leader.  Bill McCollum I have sent him e-mails about the corruption here in Florida and does not even answer my calls or e-mails.  Rick Scott is from the Health Care Insurance Industry and he is a Republican like Bill McCollum which makes him totally out of the question.   The Republicans have destroyed this country and are still trying to destroy it so everybody should vote all Republicans out of office in the first place.

Now we have two options left Bud Chiles and Alex Sink.  Alex Sink will not answer her calls so she is out of the question too.  One thing I should point out is that she is still much, much better than any Republican that is in office or who is running for office.

I have met Bud Chiles and I have talked to some of his family.  I feel good with the whole family based on who I have talked to and I am proud to support Bud Chiles for our next Governor. 

Bud Chiles is fighting corruption which Florida is number six this year.  He is for Green Jobs and for bring better paying  jobs here to Florida.  He is for listening to the problems of the residents of Florida and will try to do what he can but he cannot do it without your help just like everyone one else in office or who is running for office.  I hope you will support Bud Chiles because he will answer your calls not like the rest of them.  This is only one type of change that is needed  here in Florida.

There is a lot of corruption with landlords and the Building Department and Code Enforcement which needs to be stopped and gettting the right Governor would be the right start to help tenants from being abused by bad Landlords.

Bud Chiles for Florida Governor

Bud Chiles

Every candidate is supposed to say that they’ll bring jobs to Florida. But the other candidates will spend their time in office appeasing the interest groups that got them there. This week I have met with community leaders and small business owners who believe as I do that Florida’s economy is at a crossroads and we need bold action that will bring jobs in the next year, but also into the next decade.

I care deeply about this state. I was raised in Florida, and I come from five generations of Floridians. My father dedicated over forty years of his life in public service to this state. He would be deeply saddened by how special interests have taken over our government and left ordinary Floridians on the sidelines.

For me and my family, what happens to our state is not political – it’s personal. I want my children to have the same opportunities that I’ve had. That means we need more jobs and better schools – but we’ll only get there with stronger leadership for Florida’s future.

This week, I’ve been talking with Floridians about green energy. No issue so clearly represents both our government’s failures and our state’s potential. Floridians see clearly that the oil spill did not begin in the Gulf – it began in the halls of government, where big contributions bought lax regulation and oversight. Where leaders without conviction and without vision allowed our very way of life to be threatened. A real green energy plan is key to economic growth, job creation, environmental protection, and energy independence.

This is the crossroads. We can continue with the status quo – relying on oil, which means certain price increases and continuing dependence on foreign nations.

I can see another way forward, and it means lower energy costs, more green jobs, and true energy independence for Florida. It won’t be easy, but the alternative has a much higher cost for us, our children and generations to come.