Help Stop Bad Landlords

Posted on August 22, 2010


There are many ways to stop bad landlords.  Shell we shoot them?  The answer is no even though I would love to shoot my exlandlord and his manager.  Then you have the different government agencies that are to enforce the laws that protect tenants from bad landlords but that does not work either.  Then after you go through the local agencies that are suppose to enforce the laws and they don’t, you go through the Court System.  With Landlord Tenant Issues the Florida Chapter 83 Statutes are totally useless to a tenant but are very good for landlords.

The judges work for the landlords and not the tenant as you can read about it on some of my other posts.  Going through the court system is a waste of more money that you could have saved.  The court system is so corrupt that is should be put out of business because it only helps the crooks.

Since I have been working on exposing corruption here in Florida I have been to and met a few of the people running for government offices such as Alex Sink, Kendrick Meek, Joe Garcia, Bud Chiles and more. 

Bud Chiles

Bud Chiles Candidate for Florida Governor

My experiences with these people were all bad except with Bud Chiles, Lawton Chiles son running for Florida Governor.  Alex Sink is not a leader and is afraid to talk to you.  Kendrick Meek will not answer your calls or E-Mails after promising to do so.  Kendrick Meek and Alex Sink is in the race  for themselves and not the people of Florida.

Bud Chiles I have met and have talked to a few times.  I like that he know the problems the people of Florida are having and he will make changes for the good of Florida.  The problem is that he cannot make changes without your help.  He has committed himself to fight corruption here in Florida and this is the very first place to start if any changes are to be made.

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