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Making Change

August 8, 2010


Making change is not easy when it comes to government employees or elected officials.  When the chance comes along and you can make a difference, then you need to step in and really pay attention to the people that are running for government offices such as the Florida Governor’s Race.  There are four main candidates […]

Keeping Reciepts

July 6, 2010


 I just talked to another person that is having trouble with her landlord about deposit money and a leaking roof.  She had moved from one place to another owned by the same people but then the some other company bought out original company or owner.   The main problem that she is going to have is […]

Bill McCollum Flat Out Lied

March 7, 2010


In an article written by Mary Ellen Klas and Steve Bousquet called “Leading Candidates for Florida governor cautious on issues”  in the Miami Herald, Bill McCollum stated; “By and large, I’m leaving it to the Legislature,” McCollum said of the budget hole. “I obviously have views — people ask me, for example, about public safety, […]