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Help Stop Bad Landlords

August 22, 2010


There are many ways to stop bad landlords.  Shell we shoot them?  The answer is no even though I would love to shoot my exlandlord and his manager.  Then you have the different government agencies that are to enforce the laws that protect tenants from bad landlords but that does not work either.  Then after […]

The Laws for Landlord/Tenant Laws cannot be enforced by Tenants

November 13, 2009


The landlord/Tenants Laws Chapter 83 con only be enforced by tenants but the if the tenant takes the landlord ot court the judges rules against the tenants.  This procedure has got to stop.  If a person steals from a store the police will help arrest the person stealing from that store but if a landlord […]

Do not Believe Landlord/Tenant Statutes

August 23, 2009


When you think the laws are correct then you have to get a judge to read them the way the law was not meant to be read.  All of the Landlord/Tenant laws have been thrown in the thrash when it comes to Teretha Lundy Thomas.  Florida Statute 83.51  Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises.  Florida Statute 83.51 […]

After 1 1/2 Years still waiting for my deposit

July 15, 2009


After a year and a half I am still waiting for my Security Deposit Money back according to Florida Statute 83.49.  On July 1, 2009 I went to court finally to get my Security Deposit which was required by law to be returned and was not. I left the apartment on October 15, 2007 and here […]

Landlord/Tenant Laws

August 13, 2008


I had ask the landlord of the building that I was living in to get rid of the bugs and rats in my apartment and the rest of the building.  I got evicted because of this.  I followed the law and it only protected the landlord.  I read the Florida Statute Chapter 83 and Chapter […]